Sunday, December 12, 2010

A weekend full of God's goodness

Those who read Jodie Anna's lovely blog

will recognize this icon;

the first time I saw her blog and this

icon of the Mother of God

I was overcome with its beauty and tenderness.


So here is how I creatively make icons:

on a very limited budget:

1. find beautiful icon jpeg online

2. borrow and put on flash drive

3. walk to grocery store, print out at Kodak film kiosk for .33 cents

4. go to dollar store with photo icon and match to right frame

colour and size wise

5. frame

6. have it blessed at church.

Cost: less than $2.00.


Great as gifts...

God has blessed me in so many ways this week and weekend

I can't even begin to tell you all.


After 12 years of my (protestant) spiritual mother's passing

I was finally able to do a panakyda

for her on Saturday before vespers.

Above is the bread I baked for it.

(My first bread ever baked!)

I used my bread machine (my Grandma's old one)

to make the dough

and then ended up phoning different times to my

Ukrainian Ottawa family for

bread making instructions!


I was able to sing part of the service

(with a very inexperienced meek voice,

I've never been in a church choir!!)

with my spiritual father

and it was so beautiful;

I was able to wear some of my finest clothes,

bring the bread, kolivo and wine.

I felt like it was Pascha;


A taste of what I have heard at so many panakhydas:

we grief with hope as Christians

firmly believing in the Resurrection of Christ.


At the same time,

a beautiful woman at my church just lost her mother

this week

after losing her father only 41 days before;

they are separated by an ocean

as both parents were still in Russia.

I am still stunned at the thought of losing one's parents

41 days apart.

Please pray for them.


All I know is we must always pray for each other;

we all go through such suffering in our lives.

Thank God for His mercy,

the Church

and that we can reach out in prayer to support each other.

God has blessed me yet again -
I was able to secure a plane ticket home
that was cheaper than a two day bus ride
(was going to split it in two days as a 20 hour 1 way ride
was too much for me).
What a gift of a plane ticket and that my parents
are able to fund it for me
so I can come home
(new calendar)
I have been so full of joy lately
that I almost feel worried!
(Knowing both that sorrow and joy are often close together)
The prayers of my family church family and blog community
have been so encouraging to me.
This week I will continue with various job searching
This coming Sunday (old calendar)
is St. Nicholas Day
and I am so excited for this day.
Am making 2 vegan chocolate cakes
and then fly out the next day for home.
What mercies of God.
How tenderly God is in these mercies.
May God continue to sustain and comfort us.


E Helena E said...

Much beauty and love here. Thank you for sharing about the panakhyda. Praise God for His provision in the ticket! And of course, prayers for those in sorrow.

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm very excited for you about your bread! And the prayer service for your friend is quite an accomplishment. Thank God. So happy that you can look forward to being with your family at Christmas.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your poor friend from Church, losing both her parents so quickly - my prayers for her and for her loved ones.

I'm glad things are going well for you; my prayers for your reposed spiritual mother....Memory Eternal.

biss said...

love you.

RW said...

dear e.
I am so glad you are able to go home for Christmas.

peace to you.

Pres. Kathy said...

So many blessings! Yeah! I am so happy that you will be with your family for Christmas. I totally agree with you - it is so important to pray for each other. Prayer is so powerful.

Mimi said...

Memory Eternal.

Matushka Anna said...

I think you need not be worried about having more sadness in store. We never know what is coming, but God sustains us through everything. If we had to put it on a scale, I think you've had your share (so to speak) of sadness and worry lately - enough to last a while! So enjoy your family this Christmas!

elizabeth said...

Thank you everyone - yes, E-H so much love...

GJ - I too am so happy about the bread and the service I was able to have for a woman who will always be my first spiritual mother. I will never be able to express how much joy this has given me.

Elizabeth - I know. It is so sad; and my church friend due to family obligations cannot even go to the funeral. We are all seeking to uphold her in prayer through this time.

Thanks Biss; needed that; miss and love you.

Thanks RW, I can't tell you how glad I am to be going home...

Pres Kathy - thank you! yes, prayer is so powerful!!

Mimi - thank you.

Mat. Anna - I do hope so. I just know that if I have to leave Ottawa for a job it will break my heart, as much as it would be good to have a job. But YES God is with us through everything... and I must continue to put my trust in Him... and be open to wherever God brings me... (of course I am doing all my job searching in conjuction with my spiritual father... so I am not taking anything lightly... :) )

Christie said...

What an obvious, simple, and brilliant idea for an icon! Thank you!