Thursday, December 02, 2010

Step 5 - beauty and focus on Thursday

I had always dreamed of having a good wood

dining table,

as I now have (thanks to IKEA a few years back :) ).

There is so much beauty found in where we are.

I love the lines of the white tea pot with wood table.


Today I have begun in earnest my interview


Networking, emails, research and more research,

making new folders of online favourites.

Thank God that I have learned at least

how to prepare for interviews.

The next week is going to revolve around liturgical life

and the rest to interview preparation.

When I have the interview DV next week

I will be in a clean house,

in a suit, ready to take the phone call.

Welcome to intense interview preparation.


As I am doing some in person networking

with very key people next week

to help me prepare for this interview

I managed to negotiate with a professional hair dresser

for a very affordable hair cut.


I am using my networks;

it is one of the great strengths we have as woman is

to reach out to each other for help,

for prayer, thoughts and advice.

Each one of you has helped me without measure.


Part of being a working professional is playing the part;

it's a bit of a game: dress it, stand in it, confident, eye contact;

the real key we all know as

Orthodox Christians:

remember God.

I took a few minutes today

to get out my still decorated Christmas Tree;

as it is only two feet tall, I had stored it

as is in my hall closet.

So it's up and beautiful!

Cleo has been strictly warned to
stay away from my Christmas tree
or heavy water-bottle spraying will commence.
She is calming sleeping next to me right now
and so far has obeyed.
Insomnia continues but I know it is due to the medication
I needed for last week's drama
and it will get better.
I am focusing on eating well
(potato, onion perogies with fried onion and margarine
plus salad and veggies for dinner!)
and doing what ever is needed.
I could pay rent this month - this is a mercy that I never
appreciated so much.
Saturday is the
Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple
(old calendar)
and I am so glad for an extra liturgy.
Someone discerningly asked me,
how did you make it through last week's pain?
and I realized quickly that my family, church family,
and friend's (that includes all of you)
prayers and encouragement,
the prayers done with friends here and keeping my liturgical life
(vespers, liturgy)
are what gets me through the rough patches.
The Mother of God's prayers,
Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco
Archangel Michael....
God is merciful.
I know of so many in various trials right now;
we need to keep the main thing
the main thing
God the Trinity, the church, God's love, God's mercy.
Lord, we need Your mercy.
Lord, You are so beautiful,
You, the Source of All Beauty.
Lord, You are so good to us.


Sarah said...

Your faith is an inspiration to me :) God bless you as you prepare for your interview! We're praying! Your tree looks wonderful; we have yet to do ours! Hope Cleo obeys!

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragment Sarah!

Really though my faith is because of other's prayers alone... my constant prayer is more to the tunes of 'Lord I believe, help my unbelief'...

So far so good with Cleo! :)

Sh. Patty said...

Prayers for a good interview! Lovely tree. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers continue, dear friend !

I am postponing putting our tree up for a while as the Dog of Doom sees it as his life's mission to eat every ornament :-)

mamachurchmouse said...

teapot ornament! Makes me glad to see it. connectedness! love!