Sunday, December 05, 2010

Weekend - snow, beauty and a Feast

Here in Ottawa I am on the old calendar

(as I have said before, I've been on both

and my only thing I can say is that I am sad

that we don't share all the feast days together).

Yesterday was

the Feast of the Theotokos' Entrance in the Temple


Such a beautiful liturgy.

Our priest reminded us of how the Mother of God became

a Temple by becoming Christ's Mother,

and that she entered the Temple

and that Christ IS the temple;

three temples

and that St. Paul reminds us that we too are a temple of the Holy Spirit.


I can only pray that I will learn to allow God

more of myself so that I too can

fulfill the calling of what it means to be really human;

to be a temple of the Holy Spirit glorifying God.


As you can see from the above picture,

I had a good friend over for dinner;

the friend supplied the salmon and I the vegetables

and tea.

It felt very festive to celebrate the feast with a good meal.

A friend gave me these French (Lenten!) biscuits,
they are so cute!
It snowed again tonight,
big swirling flakes.
I had quite the adventure carting home a big bag of baking flour
(so much cheaper to buy in bulk).
I made Dutch Spice Cookies to give away as
thank you gifts for those helping me
with my job search.
I am really happy with my hair cut and returned some
unneeded stuff and in turn used the money
to get some good foundation.
Feels good to be resourceful ! :)
So all I need for networking this week is set.
I have an important networking meeting tomorrow
to help me with my Friday interview.
Please if you could say a prayer for this,
I would really appreciate it.
God is so good to us.


Matushka Anna said...

Joyous Feast (a day late)!

I've been on both calendars too. It can be very discombobulating.

RW said...

I don't think I would like being on both calendars.

gotcha covered for this week.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Praying hard for Friday...

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!

RW - I am use to the calendar thing now - been 5 years of it - actually I kind of like it. But it is sad to celeberate all 12 Feasts together.

THANKS for your prayers.

Elizabeth - thank you.

Mat Anna - yep, it can be a bit disorienting but I guess I view it as being bi-lingual calendar wise... Love to you!

H West said...

Blessed feast to you! A bit late. . .

Mimi said...

Happy Feast!

Marfa said...

It was a lovely feast here...snowy, too. I thought that maybe the reason they always read the passage of Mary and Martha on feasts of the Theotokos is because of the woman who says at the end "blessed is the womb" referring to the Theotokos who bore Christ and how that role as a Mother is very important? My 7 year old daugther looked up to me during the reading and asked "Is it your namesday?"
We had salmon to celebrate, too!!!
What a lovely table setting you put out!

Michelle M. said...

Beautiful table setting and glorious feast to you (a little late)! I love how you always share how you keep the feast.
Continuing to pray for you.

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!

Neat Marfa that we both had salmon :)

Thanks everyone for your prayers; your comments are such a source of consolation during this time.