Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday of St. Barbara, soon St. Nicholas

Today (old calendar) is St. Barbara's Day.

I am so glad for this.

Soon St. Nicholas Day;

one of my favourite days of the year

(and my sister's birthday!)


Tomorrow God willing the monastery trip.


I am depending very much on St. Nicholas' prayers.

Keeping my lampada lit

seeking to pray

prayers of others

are keeping me afloat.

Took a long bus ride to a job agency today;
did the tests for clerical and data entry;
did very well.
Fixed my purse that broke just today;
got the handle restitched for only five dollars;
for an awesome purse that I use a lot
this is a good price.
I am still struggling with anxiety about the health tests
I am waiting for results for.
Still having insomnia every night because the meds I am on
for the November volcanic face outbreak;
meds done at the end of this month.
The last few nights when I wake and realize once again
and I go to stand, I almost fall immediately to the floor.
I know what this means my friends;
insomnia and stress.
Not to worry though,
I've lived through this before.
AND I have meds for the insomnia
so I have resources and am still getting sleep,
just not enough sleep yet.
And I have gathered many good tips for stress
(of course I welcome all ideas).
So far here is what I am doing to proactively take care of myself
during this time of job searching and health uncertainty:
1. Pray and ask others for prayers
2. Monasteries
3. Eat as well as possible. The root veggies by the way were fabulous.
Trying to eat protein, good vegetables
and fruits and hearty bread daily.
Avoid sugar and caffeine,
stay hydrated - water, herbal teas, juice.
4. Deep breathing
5. Lampada lit day and night
6. Talking to family and friends and asking for prayer
7. Regular contact with my church family
8. Being thankful and seeing and creating beauty every day
9. Constantly bringing my mind back to the fact
that I am in God's hands and care.
I thank God.
And now I am going to make the cakes for St. Nicholas day!!
Baking - so therapeutic and creative!
Let's keep praying for one another.
God is with us.


Michelle M. said...

You are in our daily prayers. May God continue to grant you peace during this uncertain time. Sending you my love!

Matushka Anna said...

Praying for you daily. Keep taking care of yourself. I hope the trip to the monastery is a sorce of refreshment - badly needed! You are being held in prayer.

. said...

We pray for you during our nightly prayers :) I hope St. Nicholas puts a job in your stockings as well as some gold coins!

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Michelle, Mat Anna and Sarah for your continued prayers. I am so blessed. Thank you...

Kiernan said...

I've been following your blog lately, and you've been entered into my evening prayers.

Happy St. Nicholas' Day!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your list is a good reminder to all of us to do what we can toward our well-being. I thank God for the strength to take each step, get up every morning....

You have a lot to look forward to this week. Many blessings!

Martha said...

My mom is Barbara, so her namesday...and we're looking forward to St. Nicholas day so very much!!! I hope you have a blessed feast!!!st