Saturday, October 17, 2020

Thank God for Store-Bought Pizza, Books and Sunshine Highlighting Golden Yellow Autumn Leaves

What a full day...
In a lot of ways, it was really great.
I did my second review on my new IG account,
I got enamored with another book I began reading 
And I ordered more books from my library to get on Monday, 
God willing.
I took a long walk, solved a post office delivery problem,
I think (best way: call the PO on Federal level).
I got through some of my emails.
The last picture I don't know who created it but
my sister-friend sent it to me.
I had to realize that this includes me,
as in I too am having a hard time keeping up.
And, I am having some some anticipatory grief
as NJ gets worse and I heard that Ontario now has limited to 10 
people gatherings again and my heart restricts a bit with fear. 
It's a struggle, a daily one, that we all have.
BTW this blog by a Southern writer has been cheering me up;
he's funny, thoughtful and I love how he adores his wife..
I was so glad to have that pizza for lunch.
I was glad to listen to part of HDM on youtube this morning
while cleaning up
and then lunch time listening to Classic FM @ the movies
and that we could go to vespers tonight 

I am really glad I started the new IG account because I had
wanted ways to interact with my library and others
that I would not have had otherwise. 
I was talking to my Husband about how a lot of us here in NJ/NYC
are in anticipatory grief. 
We know things are getting worse. 
We don't know what that will mean yet.
We were going to go to our far-away church tomorrow but realized
we need to stay local and rest...
so our last grocery run is rescheduled...
it's good... with my going to NYC on Monday, 
having an easier Sunday with our local church is best...
Well... so many to pray for, our list keeps growing...
I still owe people emails; it's one of the things I am struggling to keep up with.
It's just a really busy challenging time for us, for me.
And for you too, I bet.
May God bless us and save us and have mercy on us!!! 


Diana said...

It's hard not to worry, a human trait I wish I didn't have. But, of course, there is God and we must try to remember to give our cares to Him.I think I've learned to do that better this year and am not so anxious about the virus anymore. (Just other things, which I know you know about after having been to my blog today -- and thank you, sweet friend for always praying for us and being such a good blog friend to me!) We're keeping you all in prayer there... yes, it is probably going to turn out to be a long winter because of this stuff. Keep the faith, dear Elizabeth!! ❤️❤️ Send me email if you need any prayers that are more specific than these! -- And hey, we LOVE that pizza too! Yummmmmmm- yum!! :D Oh! And those mums are so GORGEOUS!!

Lisa Richards said...

I like that list on the keyboard! I thought I had read all of Miss Read's books, but I'm not sure that title is familiar. I loved all of them! And now I want pizza. Thanks, lol! Our God is more than enough! (El Shaddai!) We must keep reminding each other as we go through this together. Hugs to y'all! :)

Lisa said...

That photo with the sunbeam is unusual!

Becki said...

I LOVE your Daily Quarantine questions! A good way to keep focused on important things.