Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two blankets, a sock, scarf, hat for this year's Bright Week Yarn Along

Making progress on the baby square blanket.

This blanket lives in this wonderful 
drawstring bag that Wanda makes!


Did a little work on my baby hat but
will need some guidance...
finished the little doll blanket
that was a practice run for me late last Spring...

I forgot how/to join in the round and did a few 
rows all on one needle, as you can see above.
But I am feeling more like I can do this,
in time... but most likely I will just 
frog and have my instructor begin it for me again
and walk me through it all...
I don't think I can do this until after I move as I will have
to devote some real time and concentration
so that I don't forget what I am doing! :)
Excited to keep trying though! :)

The Lovie blanket is over half way now!

Am on the decrease! 
Ravelry here

Books I read before bed...
which has the readings for the day,
and I just last night finished my very beloved
which was such a life-giving book
that I am sure to revisit and that
I can't say enough about:
one of my top reads for this year, without doubt.
Written with such sensitivity and 
with a way that brings us in and gives us great hope
for ourselves in Christ.
We've been having a beautiful Bright Week!
Perhaps this week is known in the 
West as Easter Week or Eastertide...
here's our Bright Monday table:

Easter (we use word Pascha, which is where
the term Paschal season comes from)...  

Christ is Risen!!!
Truly He is Risen!
Our table is spread!
The Feasting has begun!
What has your week been like?
What are you reading and making?
Do yarn along with us!


Reinventing Mother said...

Oh your week looks so lovely! Setting the table with all the "pretties". Thank you for posting about the bag and providing a link! I always get inquiries after your posts. :)))

I wish you were closer so we could knit together :))

elizabeth said...

Agreed! Just think of all those we could have together for tea and knit! :)

I am glad you get inquires for your bags!!! :)

Donna said...

Some projects just require some quiet stress free concentration. And maybe some instructional youtube videos. Your table looks so lovely!

mamasmercantile said...

Beautiful table setting and lots of knitting what could be nicer.

karen said...

Loved your title of your post, and my so many projects going on!! I have different projects for different times of my day.

CathieJ said...

You have some beautiful projects in the works. Your Bright Week tables are quite pretty. We call the week before Easter Holy Week in my Catholic church. Bright Week sounds so festive.

Alisa said...

such beautiful projects!

Andrea said...

Popped over from Ginny's blog. As far as knitting in the round goes, I often work projects for 5 rows or so flat before joining. Then when I join the two ends to work in the round it is very obvious if your work is twisted, and I find it less fidle-y. When the project is done I use the cast on tail to sew the small seam and then weave in my end. :)

Heather L. said...

I am so behind on reading blogs....but just saw your teapots and tea cozies! Love them!

elizabeth said...

thanks Heather! the blue and white tea cozy is by my Oma and the red one was a wedding gift from a good friend in Ottawa!