Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Lovie Pink Blanket for a very loved child

I recently heard that my 
longest-time friend's youngest baby
is ill with a cancer,
we are hoping for the 90% success rate and that
the chemo etc will not make her too ill, etc.
I am far away, 
in the middle of planning a move to our new home
and less than a week from Holy Week...
So the best and only things I can do are
prayer and knitting a small lovie blanket for this dear young girl. 

It is knitting up quickly.
I am doing it as simple as I know how:
start with three stitches and increase until it is the size desired
and then decrease until it is finished.
The yarn is Lion Brand's Fairy Tale and it the prefect pink... 
Ravelry here.

Still loving this book on St. Porphyrios.
Reading these books is showing me in deep 
and real, practical ways how we must
love and be gentle with everyone...

I am also re-reading 
Perfect low stress reading...
which is needed about now...
we had a mover try to say that we should start packing today!
We hope to move a bit before Memorial Day and 
we are NOT in anyway packing during Holy Week or Pascha! (Easter)!
The Holy Week is the best week of the year!!!
Well, I am also not going to stop knitting and 
hope to finish this blanket in the next weeks,
it's a great one to knit while in the car with Mr. Husband 
driving us to church...
So what are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

I couldn't see your photos, Elizabeth, but I'll bet your baby afghan is beautiful. Sending up a prayer for your dear friends wee one. How sad. We wouldn't pack during this season either. Packing can always be accomplished, celebrating the Passion of our Lord comes only once each year. Blessings to you! Lisa :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Lisa;

I hope that the pictures are visible now! They were always showing up on my end but I have had it that it will be 'fine' when I am logged into my account and when I am not they are gone. So I have re-entered the three pictures and I do hope they are visible now!

Thanks for letting me know!! :)

Yes, exactly; it seems foolish to distract oneself so greatly by packing when one does not have to and then loose the wonderfulness of what Christ has done for us!!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

LOVE the pink! That will be one much welcomed blanket. :) Have a blessed day, my friend, Lisa

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much Lisa!! I love it too!! Blessed day that the Lord has made to you all too!!

Heather L. said...

Oh how precious that you are knitting this blanket for someone who is in a great trial. I'm sure it will encourage her parents and be a comfort to her.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for your friend's baby.