Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bread Houses and Pink Blanket Progress in the best week of the year

 The Lovie blanket is progressing. 
I am decreasing now.
{Mr. Husband says this is the St. John the Baptist section,
as in I must decrease and He increase :) } 

I am reading right now about
Bread Houses that 
Nadezhda Savova began.
Mr. Husband just finished reading this article in 
the fall 2013 issue of Road to Emmaus
and was telling me all about these Red Houses
and I was like, Red Houses?
and he corrected me, no:
Bread Houses
I am thinking of getting her book also.
FYI, she is the 2012 National Geographic 

It all began when she was on Pilgrimage and learned that
Bethlehem means House of Bread
and then her Grandmother's house (which was now hers) roof fell in...
and suddenly she began the first Bread House 
as soon as the roof was restored...
you can read about it in print here.
Excited to join Ginny's Yarn Along!
Even more excited that it is Holy Week!
Mr. Husband and I DV will be at the Wednesday night 
Blessed Holy Week and Easter/Pascha to all!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I had not heard about this - how fascinating!

mamasmercantile said...

Lovely to learn something new.

Lisa said...

Your husband has a sense of humor to be sure!

E Helena E said...

Mr. Husband is funny! :-)

Paula said...

Your blanket is coming along nicely.

Hope you and Mr. Husband have a Blessed Easter too!