Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yesterday was a very special day

My Mom, 
who worked at a bank for various parts of
her life, from before marriage,
in the middle when us kids were older and now again towards the present
she worked at this job...
yesterday she retired!
And I got to hear all about it last night...
I grew up in a fairly small town 
and it was wonderful to hear how they had cake, flowers,
cards and well wishes come to a reception for her
on her last day!
I thank God for my Mother and can't wait to see her in person!
She's planning on bringing some of the cards she got 
for her retirement, as she knows that seeing
cards from others is a long standing part of our 
family's culture and tradition...
Now I am hoping that she will be able to make
more visits not only to us but to her siblings who live in Canada!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

May your dear mother have a long, happy and blessed retirement!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for your Mom. I hope she has lots of fun travelling. And it will be so wonderful for you to have her with you.