Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Friday {evening} and Holy Saturday {morning}

The tomb of Christ adorned with Lily and Hyacinth. 

We stand at the Cross with Christ's Mother,
His disciple, St. John the Beloved Evangelist, 
and the Myrrh Bearing Women,
we lament Christ's death 
in song, singing poetical canons of Lamentation.

This is Christ's Shroud and we entomb Christ,
worshiping Him in His Holy Passion.

The lamentation is real but with a sweetness of 
love for our Sweetest Lord Jesus...
Later the shroud is lifted up
and everyone who is able processes outside 
with it, singing, holding candles...

It is deeply memorable and we are going down with Christ in 
His Holy Saving Passion.

 Everyone enters the church by first dying with Christ
and so we all enter into the tomb by walking
under the Shroud upon entering again.
The picture above shows Mr. Husband entering,
carrying the Holy and Life-Giving Cross.

The shroud is placed back on the tomb
and we all stand lamenting, singing sweetly to our 
Beloved Lord Jesus.

During this time we feel the Lord's death;
a little boy I was with and teaching
through the icon of our Lord's crucifixion,
of Holy Friday;
in simplicity the boy asked 'did He really have to die'? 
Yes, to save us, Yes, so He can kill death.
Yes because it is the only way He can bring us 
dead in sin to life again...
During this time it is not uncommon to see a few
crying at the sight of our Holy Beloved Lord's Passion, His Death,
the words of His love, His forgiveness,
the Good Thief asking 
Remember me in Your Kingdom.
This service also speaks of Christ
descending into hell, harrowing hell,
raising up Adam and Eve.
By the next morning the poetical songs
are speaking of Christ shattering hell, 
releasing it's captives and that
Hell can hold them no more.

When people enter they see the tomb of Christ;
people pray in front of the tomb,
others bow in worship of Christ's Passion.
and the service becomes joyful, more and more joyful!
In the middle of it the colours of purple or black
are changed for Paschal White! 

In the Greek Tradition the Shroud is taken into the altar at this time.
In the Russian Tradition the Shroud is taken in later, before Pascha.

The Lord is resting in the tomb on this the
Sabbath Day 
and has released those in the tomb...
Hell has been broken, forever! 

At the end of liturgy,
5 loaves of bread are given for the faithful to eat.

And some wine.
In the tradition of the Church, for those with the 
spiritual strength and in for many centuries,
people have fasted from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday
and this bread and wine is given to them
to strengthen them as they wait the later evening liturgy,
of Great and Holy Pascha! 

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...


And now we have at last reached the Joy of Joys, the Feast of Feasts, the Great and Holy Pascha of Our Lord!

Christ is Risen!