Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Annunciation ~ 2014

Mr. Husband and I were at church 
Monday morning for the Feast of the Annunciation.
The night before I was with one of the church's young ones
and tell this child how the Annunciation had to come first...
how the Virgin Mary saying YES to God
is how CHRISTMAS came to us.... 
Our church, like many Orthodox churches,
has a basket of Christian kids books for 
kids to read and our basket includes many that are on
Christmas and Christ's birth...
The child I was talking to picked some of these
and it was quite something, how all of them
actually started with the Annunciation,
with the Archangel Gabriel coming to the Virgin Mary
to tell her of how she can be overshadowed by God
and given birth to Christ...
I told many of the children that day that in 9 months,
Christmas will come,
just like it takes, normally, 9 months for a baby to be born...
Many woman and children were in church,
it was really beautiful.
The homily was in part about the Theotokos and how she 
made a peaceful loving home for her Holy Family...
The vision of this home, of always being a place of prayer,
of peace, harmony and love,
stayed with me and I really hope that with
Holy Theotokos' help,
that I can make a home that gives unity and harmony,
love, peace, centred on Christ... 
It was a beautiful and busy day...
Mr. Husband went from there back towards home and
had the inspection of our future home...
We went out for dinner for fish afterwards 
and then back to our soon-to-not-be-our home...
We are not going to do anything in 
terms of packing until 
after Pascha 
but then, it will all ensue very quickly...