Monday, April 21, 2014

Pascha Baskets for 2014

A special gift from friends at Christmas that
I told them we will keep till Pascha and have blessed...
Italian chocolate from the town where 
St. Benedict is from!

Four different cheeses for our Pascha basket!
Funny, but I was getting the baskets ready
in our hotel suite and kept feeling disappointed,
because our Pascha baskets seemed to be lacking...
and then I realized I forgot the many cheeses I had 
bought earlier in the week!
Then the baskets seemed great!!!

 The large basket with cookies, with
a white linen cloth... the linen is a heirloom
I found of Mr. Husband's Mother's Mother,
Grandma P, ... when I saw it 
I knew I would use it for Pascha this year!

I used my Ukrainian Rushnyk again this year
a wedding gift... this one they gave me was for my Pascha 
basket and I think of them very much when
I am getting ready for Pascha... 
I am so very glad to be married to Mr. Husband...
and I love my new Parish...
but of course I love my Ottawa Parish too 
and missed seeing them on Pascha... but!!!
I knew we were all spiritually celebrating together
and I lit many candles for them all on Pascha...  
and told some of my new church family about 
Pascha things we did in Ottawa and that helps 
me feel connected to my beloved past church and 
my beloved new church...
Mr. Husband's spiritual father wisely told me
before we were married that I was not 
losing my Ottawa church family
but extending my church family...
it was to get bigger not smaller!

Our Pascha basket this year!
See the daffodils in the basket next?
I loved that and hope to incorporate it next year, 
DV... I love how Pascha traditions grow with the years...

There were so many beautiful baskets this year!
Our church basement is not that large so 
we did the blessing of baskets outside...

Mr. Husband is in this picture...
he is wearing the white cassock that I got him
for his engagement present on Pascha
Already in the years we've known each other,
Mr. Husband and I have so many good memories
together...and this was our third Pascha!
Christ is Risen!!!
Truly, He is Risen!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Joyous Bright Week to you and Mr Husband :-)

Matushka Anna said...

Christ is Risen!

What lovely baskets!! And CHEESE!!! :D

Big hugs to you! My church family has grown every year. :)

Lisa said...

So many goodies! And your enjoyment of them is quadrupled because of your long deprivations.