Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amidst it all

So as determined as I was NOT to pack at all
during Holy Week,
Mr. Husband took opportunity
to pack few of his books Sunday night
as I talked to my Mom on the phone... 
we are not going to pack any more this week,
but well, I can't blame Mr. Husband wanting to get started.
I meanwhile cleared off half the dresser...

So my Mom was telling me that in her neck of the woods,
snow was in the forecast.
I was so shocked, I wrote 'snow' on my box of candles! 
One icon, rest is candles plus one candle holder.

The books that were on my dresser have been moved
to this shelf under my icon corner.
It's funny, 
I realized I remembered packing in Ottawa and talking to my Mom
and others on the phone and thinking how I will
remember the conversation when I unpack
but well, this only happened in spots; I remember talking to 
my sister-friend in my last move; my Mother; 
but I know that not all was remembered as I was setting in 
as a new bride, seeking to make sense of everything.
I've purged a few books, 
but even though I have not studied Greek in over 10 years
and am not planning on taking up French soon,
I still really don't want to part with my text books.
It's a real struggle.
Both Mr. Husband and I come from families who keep things.
We are both learning to purge and Mr. Husband got rid of
a lot of his library and other things before he even knew me.
Sometimes he tells me about a first edition CS Lewis he 
gave away and it makes me think of my friend's mother's comment:
I could never forgive him for giving away a first edition Lewis
except that he gave it to a priest!
:) My friend's Mom's comment still makes me and Mr. Husband 
laugh at the memory of it...  
Meanwhile, we are slowly building the library we wish to have.
I am already thinking of the Elizabeth Goudge books that 
I do not have, many of which I do not think I have read yet.
Her books have been some of the best
I've ever read in fiction and can be utterly transforming... 
It's going to take some effort,
packing, purging, moving;
letting go of what we should let go of and
making room for what we keep and I do hope
to figure out a way to get things less cluttered.
It's long been a theme I've read,
about doing with less.
Well...I don't know that I or Mr. Husband are going for the minimalist
way anytime soon, but I do want to do things
differently, have things put away and with spaces 
that don't get overgrown with clutter and merely frustrate
instead of being beautiful and useful. 
I remember being in one of my beloved Ottawa parishioner's house
years ago and she said she had only in her house
what is beautiful and/or useful, perhaps even only that 
which is useful and is in use.
While I would of wished this for the house we are in now,
and we do have many beautiful and much useful,
due to the long distance nature of our dating relationship 
and then the life we have (busy for one)
we've just not been able to really make
our space fully beautiful and functional.
I have many hopes for the home
we DV will be making together...

Meanwhile we will go to Bridegroom Matins and
the rest of the Holy Week services this week.
No idea how much if any more posting will be done.
The job is at at hand,
let us go to Christ and be with Him in His Passion
so that we can be risen with Him in His Glorious Resurrection!


E Helena E said...

I hear you, my dear friend!

Reinventing Mother said...

I love all the plans you are making! Can you tell me the meaning of DV?

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It can be a hard task, deciding what will be kept and what can be discarded. Some books I still bitterly regret having got rid of, twenty years later....

elizabeth said...

DV is Latin for Lord Willing!