Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Yarn Along ~ Hats and Baby Blankets

I was going through my yarn basket and 
found this hat that I have yet to finish...
I need to ask about the decreasing of it so that 
I can get it off the needles...
I ordered this yarn to do a fast baby blanket
for a friend's young girl who is ill...
It's hard to be so far from so many I have known and loved
over my life and then to hear of a friend's ill child (cancer),
well, all I can do is knit and pray;
and so I will endeavour to do... 
Still accruing more squares on my
Trying to decide what colour yarn to 
sew it all together in; the blue or the yellow;
the yellow is a bit of a thicker yarn than the blue;
not sure what is better ~ to sew with the softer/weaker blue yarn
or the denser yellow.
Thoughts, suggestions? 

Meanwhile, Cleo the ever present Cat whose
antics always make Mr. Husband and I laugh...

She had messed up our rug with her running and darting...
she is constantly trying to get in the way
when we are doing our Lenten prayer of St. Ephraim with prostrations;
I've heard that similar cats of our persuasion have demonstrated
similar impiety...
so funny...
Reading... I just finished this lovely book...

What can I say?
the newly Sainted Elder Porphyrios is so gentle, loving while
being faithful to Christ.
I am pondering many of his words and am growing,
through his influence via these books,
in my awareness of God's gentleness, love and mercy.
I've also been on a Madeleine L' Engle re-read kick.
This week it is the very full of family drama novel
It's not the easiest reading per say, as it deals with
a great deal of human brokenness, betrayal and loss....
But our world is full of such horrors and I think
L' Engle often grapples with them in ways that are life-giving...
I am pondering L' Engle a lot these days and hope to write 
more on her in the future;
for now, I am aware of how much her novels are about
moving towards light, healing and seeking to wake up 
on the inward spiritual level.
So, what are you reading and creating?
Do Yarn Along with us!


Reinventing Mother said...

I love the little hat! You might find a You Tube video that will help with the decreasing if there is no one close to give hands on help. It really should just be knit two stitches together to get the stitches decreased?

I love Madeline L'Engle as well but this book I do not know?

Paula said...

I can't imagine having a child that sick. Prayers sent of course!

Which colour yarn is the less noticeable? It's always a hard choice when the colours are so different. That's another thing I like about Ella's afghan. Since the pieces are knit together I don't have to try and pick a colour to sew them all together with.

elizabeth said...

W ~ thanks! emailed you :)

Paula ~ probably the blue... :) Yes, nice about Ella's afgan! :) that's neat!

Lisa said...

How fun to find a project and finish it up; hope the beanie works up quickly. About your options for sewing up the squares, I think using the lighter weight yarn might be the way to go. Perhaps you could experiment a bit with both and see which weight you prefer...

My knitting time has been spent finishing several unfinished projects as well as restocking my kitchen dishcloths.

Happy knitting! ~Lisa

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Most hats I have knitted involve decreasing by knitting or purling two stitches together, depending on the pattern.

I too have in the past knitted a blanket for the very ill husband of a dear friend; I found that praying while I knitted gave me comfort as well as the recipient.

My prayers for your friend's little one....