Thursday, April 03, 2014

After Pascha...

double chocolate banana bread

Need I say more?
I can't wait DV to do Paschal baking!
(the recipe above needs 1 egg...)
I am getting excited about the logistics of Pascha (what we call Easter, FYI) and Bright Week...
~using my Grandma's white, silver ringed with blue and pink flowers dishes
~eating the Pascha basket treats
~singing Christ is Risen! before very meal
~Ice cream...
But as I've read and probably said:
Great Lent is the road and preparation for Pascha!
The greatest of Feasts!
Pascha is truly the Feast of Christ the Bridegroom,
the greatest of all Holy Days!
Let us rejoice and be glad that we have Great Lent because
it leads through the Cross to the Grave to the Ressurection... 
Let us have hope!
Let us breathe deep!
We are in the final weeks before the week of all weeks:
Holy Week and then Great and Holy Pascha!!


Reinventing Mother said...

Yummy! Yes this Lent is the journey is it not? Yesterday's hat? Is there a pattern so I can help you with the decreases?

elizabeth said...

Yes, lent is a journey for sure!! Typical of me, no pattern for this hat. I think my friend had me cast on 88 stitches originally; I lost the loop where this was joined together and have no idea if I added any stitches... I started this hat a good year or so ago when I was fairly new to knitting... I was working on it in May last year I know... it sounds though like decreasing by twos is the way to go?

Apseed I said...

What I like about fasting is that you are really looking forward for celebration. Though it may sound not very spiritually:)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We're on the last lap now :-)