Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Going into Holy Week Butternut Squash Chill

I made the very good chili
from this recipe that I tweaked a bit.
*no kale or black beans
*white beans instead
*did not measure spices
*did not add barley
*used canola oil
*used vegetable stock
*no jalapenos used
*used red peppers only
*did not add sour cream
I would for sure add the cilantro, lime fresh squeezed and avocado.
for the avocado, as you see, I merely balled some of it out
and added right to the soup;
simple is where it's at,
especially when doing Lenten cooking at the end of Lent!
This was a great recipe that Mr. Husband and I enjoyed
and others also partook of with gratefulness! 


Anna said...

Light Lenten food, but such lovely rich colours :) I hope your new kitchen will be as full of natural light as this one - love your kitchen window pictures. I like your recipe tweaks ;) I haven't come across avocado on/in chili before - I'll try that!

elizabeth said...

sadly that is the ONE thing I am losing :((( no kitchen window at all. The place I am in now has windows only on one wall, which is also in the kitchen. The new place has THREE walls that have windows but NOT the kitchen one. I've mourned it and am just going to try to be thankful for what I will have, which is pretty much everything else but a kitchen window (and it is impossible to put a window in also, as it is the adjoining wall of another unit).

Can't wait to blog pictures of the new place!!!