Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pascha Meal at Home this past Sunday evening

Pascha Table,
with Red and White Rushnyk,
Grandma's dishes, cheese, nuts, salad,
cheese Pascha, two pots of tea, Pascha bread,
water, chocolate chip cookies, 
candles and our best silver.

My Sister got me this wooden red egg from Romania
for this past Christmas.

 We had lots of wonderful goodies!
The Rum-Kokos are from a dear Romania friend 
in Ottawa that I saved for Pascha...

This was our candle from our Pascha basket last year.
I decided I will save each candle for one year
and then light it on Pascha/Sunday night at home
when we have our simple Paschal basket meal at home.

I used our wedding reception votive candles for 
icon lampadas...

It is so wonderful to continue the Paschal
celebrations at home!
Mr. Husband and I are looking forward to enjoying 
things from our basket over the coming weeks!
Christ is Risen!!
Truly, He is Risen!


Reinventing Mother said...

Such a lovely post! I feel I need to look up terms after I read to learn about Orthodoxy! You are such a wonderful example of living liturgically!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Wanda... I actually feel I have a LOT to learn but am grateful for what I can do while learning!!!

Anonymous said...

Christ is Risen!
I saw "Rum kokos" and I thought: "oh, they have it there, too", but then I've read your explanations and I smiled :) because I'm Romanian (I live in Romania). Rum kokos is not made in Romania, but it's one of my favourite sweets.
I'm happy you have in your house a cute wooden egg from Romania. :)
I like especially when you take pictures of your icons and candles and I often visit your blog for this (although you didn't know because I've never left you a comment until today).

elizabeth said...

Hi Maria:

Thanks for commenting! As my husband says when I meet a new Romanian, I Love Romanians! Some of my most dear friends are from Romania! I do hope to visit one day! :) {Feel free to email me at roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA if you would like but no pressure!}

So glad you like my pictures!! I really love taking them and showing the beauty of our shared faith and the great goodness our Good Lord has shown to us!

Thanks again for commenting! :)

Mimi said...

Christ is Risen!
Lovely table. So exciting about your new home!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your table settings are always so lovely :-)

the habit of being said...

What a beautiful table you've set! Love the idea of the basket, do you take it to get blessed? My dad lives in Poland and they put together an Easter basket of favorite food items for their Easter table and take it for the priest to bless :)

elizabeth said...

Hi Amanda via Habit of Being: Yes! our priest blesses the baskets after the liturgy... so about 4 AM or so! that's so neat about your Dad and his basket tradition! :)

Anonymous said...

We have this tradition, too!
I mean the blessing of the Easter basket after Liturgy, at about 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. The basket usually contains: some eggs dyed in red (a symbol for the Blood of Christ) and two traditional cakes ("cozonac" and "pasca" - I couldn't find their equivalent names in English)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that cheese Pasqua you are talking about is very close to our traditional pasca, although I didn't see it in your pictures.
It's so nice to find similar Easter traditions.

elizabeth said...

Hi Maria:

We had red eggs from church and the Cheese Pascha is in the gravey bowl with a big silver spoon, so hard to see and not made to stand up like some in a four sided mold... we had the bread too, kulich, that was in the white basket with a candle lit in it!