Friday, April 04, 2014

And the Celebration Continues!

Cleo always wants to be where we are... :)

We've been spreading Mr. Husband's 
birthday celebrations out this week...
Cards have been coming in and
I've given him some of his presents already...

My beloved husband loves 
So I found this copy of his play
with preface by Dorthy Sayers!
I've been able to get some reasonably priced 
first editions of GK Chesterton via
Albris and Abe
over the last months including this book and another...

I've had these wrapped for weeks already!

Another by Chesterton, this time on Browning... :)

I got these fun ginger chews
in Ottawa at a local Chinese grocery...
I saved them in my 'Mr. Husband stash' for his
birthday! We enjoyed one each right away!
I love birthdays and it is so wonderful that we can 
enjoy Mr. Husband's birthday for more than one day...
Since his birthday tulips arrived earlier in the week and 
I am not making his cake till closer to the weekend,
so we can share it with our church family
this weekend! :) 
I hope to make this cake again this year
since last year it was such a hit!


Reinventing Mother said...

And a big Happy Birthday!!!! I love Chesterton as well.

Paula said...

Happy Birthday!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Such super, thoughtful and carefully chosen gifts!

Lisa said...

Chimes are great! Happy Birthday to your husband!

Martha said...

What a sweet birthday celebration! Happy birthday from us!!! ♥ Those ginger chews sound good.