Thursday, April 10, 2014

Progress on the Lovie Blanket and Burn Out...

This morning I realized 
that much of what I was
feeling this week was 
what I knew I was feeling.
As in, I really am exhausted from this
Great Lent which included
the stress of securing a new home for us.

I thank God had the strength to go to the
grocery store today;
but I am really tired after it,
so it's confirmed...
So I will rest as I can...
We already have our movers booked, 
am working to get packers (lots of books etc.)
and everything is going swimmingly for closing early in May. 
I am grateful, so very grateful. 

I spent some time this afternoon 
talking with my dear sister-friend on the phone
and knitting more on this blanket.
And then we gmail-skyped and I got to see
her three munchkins, the youngest of who is my
now cute two year old godson.

We are almost to the finish line.
Great Lent officially ends tomorrow.
May the Good Lord carry us weak ones to Pascha.
I am tired, but grateful;
we must trust in the mercy of God 
above all things.


Heather L. said...

Oh I love the pink of that blanket!! It's beautiful!

Lisa said...

I also love that shade - it looks very good!