Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Waiting, Documenting and Seeking Thankfulness

A dark picture but shows the window... by our dining room

Same wall has our beloved kitchen window... 

We already had brought in suitcases for the move
and boxes for our dishes...

The idea is that when my parents come
to help us with the painting and handyman work
we will bring half of our normal dishes to them to use,
as they will be in our new condo getting it ready
while we stay here and get things ready for the move.
That was all going to start this coming week
means that we have no idea when exactly we will move.

The place we are in now only has windows on one wall.
Our new place DV will have windows on three sides!
Sadly, not on the kitchen side...

I was so excited to have laundry in the place we are in now.
The new place is even better; a little laundry room
and a much better washer/dryer!

I love these icons that are in our hallway.
Not sure where they will go in the new place, 
but somewhere with honour and accessibility...

Our shared office; we never had a chance to make it
better but have plans and dreams for a much better office
in our new place... 
We also will have better windows and will not
need a make shift curtain over the window
to block out the sun's hot rays... 

We hope to have a good icon area in our bedroom again...
Many things we hope...
We don't have any idea on when we will move now.
Thankfully my parents can come later
if we need to, we can stay a bit later in this place.

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GretchenJoanna said...

Not to have "any idea" when you will move is awfully unsettling. God bless you and give you His peace.