Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinner Table and Left Overs

Simple dinner
of Pasta
and bread and cheese.

Loving the various cheeses we were given
and the dishes I have to
grace my table with!

The baked Ziti.
It was quite good!

Fresh Bread.

My new butter dish!
I am loving it!

Lots of left overs for our freezer!
I am already thinking of who
other than my loving husband
that I can feed them too...
Adjusting to a new city takes a lot of energy.
We live in a smallish mini-city
but are near to a much bigger one...
I will post about that some day...
For now,
I can say that I feel a bit
wilted and tired.
But I am happy that the pasta turned out well!


mamajuliana said...

I have the same butter dish and the same sugar/creamer set from fiesta that you do. My husband gifted it to me when we first got married-over 30 years ago! Hopefully your fiesta lasts you as long and as well as ours!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your table looks so pretty :-)