Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 1 of Hurricane ~ a day of blessings

Up early this morning.
Then they were predicting a 'squall' for 6 hours.
I gather that this is when wind is over 39 mph.
Has been downgraded to heavy rain/wind.
High tide is at near 10 pm tonight
which could mean some flooding.
We are not in a flood zone per say
and hope all will be well.

By 9 AM I had roasted an organic chicken
and had chopped up the apples
for apple crisp.
I wanted to have something made
esp. if the power went out...

The mail lady was really
kind today and called up to say we had two
packages for us.
The above table cloth and napkins
from Ukraine;
a wedding gift that had to wait as
the trip to Ukraine was after the wedding.
I am really love this gift!
Saturday the Madeline L'Engle book came
and begins with the main character
facing a hurricane with poise and courage;
it has been so wonderful to slowly begin reading it.
And this book came as well,
which is such a beautiful book of icons,
I highly recommend it.
A gift of two beautiful Ukrainian shirts came as a
belated wedding gift last week
and two cards in the mail.
So many unexpected blessings
in the midst of transition and periodic homesickness...
I do not think I will quickly forget all of these
blessings in the midst of the
hurricane and preparing for it...

The apple crisp turned out well,
though next time I will use more apples,
as this batch of apples shrunk down considerably.

Apartment across the way
taped up their windows.
Everyone is navigating their way through
this storm...

The winds have really picked up as the day has
been progressing...

Still enjoying our orchid.
I think the colours have slightly paled
but it is still beautiful.

I've been having fun taking pictures
of the tree outside our
kitchen window
of the wind and the leaves.
It is amazing that those leaves are still on the tree!
Candles lit in prayer and for protection...
Mr. Husband has been working from home
as no one can get into NYC.
Someone on FB said that
cars are not allowed on the roads
at all by us now.
We don't have a TV and are not catching
all the news that others are,
though we are monitoring things closely
via the Internet.
We've gotten emails and phone calls
seeing how things are.
So far, so good.
Just a lot of wind and rain;
I had not noticed the power lines by us
as much as I have now
and over 30 thousand so far are without power,
though not in our area,
from what I have gathered.
May God protect us and keep us all!

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