Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lemon Bars ~ Friday Afternoon

In the States butter and margarine
are in sticks
(like the above picture)
instead of in half-cup cubes
as they are in Canada.
Can you believe that it takes two sticks for one cup!

I made lemon bars!
They were a success!
the first layer,
with sugar, flour and margarine cut in
I did in the 9 x 13 glass Pyrex pan.
The second layer I mixed up in my new mixer
and it worked really well!
My Great-Aunt gave me the recipe:

As you can see from below,
I used powered sugar for the topping,
just like my Mom did when
she made lemon bars...
My Ortho-husband confirms that
they turned out well :)


Victoria said...


I am a sucker for anything lemon.

especially when you start off with a delicious photo of fresh butter!!

Martha said...

In my opinion, you should never use margarine...only real butter. 2 ingredients, just cream and salt. Margarine has too many odd ingredients. I ♥ lemon bars. Yes, my whole life I've seen sticks like that, measuring 1/2 cup each. I was surprised when we went to Canada and my sister had one huge 2 cup (one pound) mass of butter! I also think the milk in bags is odd.