Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, monday...

It was such a nice weekend trip.
I just wish I knew
how to process the grief of leaving Ottawa
plus the joy of all I have now.
I know we cannot go back in time
and I can't tell you all how
happy I am to
have my husband
but I miss my close Ottawa friends.
Today is my dear friend's birthday.
A year ago we had her birthday party
right after I had lost my second to last job.
A job I can assure you
was a blessing to lose...
now this dear friend has lost
her father
she and I are both not in Ottawa,
she to go home to her father before he died
and I to marry the husband of my heart,
who I can't tell you enough
how thankful I am for.
I am so glad for my blog community.
For each of you.
Transitions are always a bit bumpy
and thank God I have someone
to see or things to do for the rest of this week
which makes it a bit easier.
It's just every day there is something new,
something that in Ottawa
was one way and now in the States where I live
is another.
It's nice to look through my blog;
and remember the good, the beautiful
and how I went through some years of real trial
with job searches and job loss;
and then came meeting my husband;
I met him in person for the first time
just weeks before I lost that job a year ago.
Of course then I could not tell you all about it
it was too new,
my relationship with my husband;
but here I am a year later
married to him,
my wonderful man and that first weekend
he came to visit me
I had this dinner party
and we had such a good weekend
and walks in sunshine...
Now we've been married just under two months...
and soon I am going to start on dinner.
Speaking of dinner;
I have extra sour cream
and am on the hunt for something to bake with it;
anyone know a good recipe?
Maybe biscuits or something else to bake?
Would love your ideas!
Just being able to write a bit
about the loss of Ottawa
makes me feel a bit better...
Now on to make my beloved a yummy
warm hot meal,
one of my favourites...
Do tell me if you have any sour cream ideas! :)

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willfulmina said...

The best one I can think of is for blueberry muffins--the most delicious I have ever eaten. They require 1 c of sour cream. My sister has the recipe on her blog: