Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blessings and sights...

I have been wanting a copy of this book
by Madeline L' Engle for a long time.
I read it years ago
and it has to do with grief
and was really helpful to me years ago.
I was giving an amazon gift card
for our wedding and today
I ordered this book after long last!

I saw these at a store today
with my new friend.

Mr Husband:
if you got those, would you still
want the soup bowls for your blue and white
set of dishes?
Mrs. Wife:
(hating to be reminded of such practicalities)
Realizes she needs to think on this more
but admits to loving the dishes.
In part because they are Asian and
she misses Chinatown in Ottawa and
she loves the soup spoons.
She also remembers the big bowl and 4 small bowls
that have been waiting for her in MI
for years now...

they are pretty though,
are they not? :)

I also saw these glasses...
I am on the hunt for water goblets
and have a gift card for this store...
Mr. Husband:
honey, we have limited space.
Mrs. Wife:
but women are magical and can find space for anything.
Mr. Husband:
I don't believe it.
Mrs. Wife:
I still have to convince my husband that
women are magical
and can find room for all things...


M. Emily said...

You should get one of the small bowls to hold little things on your bedside table or dresser!

elizabeth said...

That would be fun... but I think they are sold in sets... well, one will see what will happen! :)

Maria said...

Oh, Mr. Husband, I hate to admit it, but you are right. It takes time, but women's magical ability to find room for things is gradually depleted, and then the clutter can be suffocating. And decluttering is not just time consuming, but time that could be better spent....