Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Wedding Day

Before liturgy the day of our wedding
I placed rose petals and rose leaves
by the main icons.

My Grandma's dress
that I wore
62 years

The Veil
was handmade
to match the dress and
what my Grandma
wore on her wedding day.

It was beautiful and prayerful.

Our Crowns.

Being brought from
the betrothal to the crowning
by my spiritual father.

My shoes. :)

My dress.
Cross and komboskini from
Holy Dormition Monastery.

We had each table named
for a different event or character in
CS Lewis' Narnia books.

It was beautiful and full of light.

This was our wedding cake.

Everyone had cheesecake
for dessert.

Our rings.

The cake server is ours
a gift from a good friend of ours.

We handed out wedding favours.
Dutch King and Queen peppermints.
For a description of this
most beautiful and joyous day,
please read my previous post.
See my other blog for
two other pictures...


Cristina said...

Oh, dear Elizabeth, it's so beautiful, that it looks like a fairy tale. I wish you a fairy tale life with your husband, plus the protection of our Lord, the Theotokos and all the saints you love and talk to so much!

Michelle M. said...

I agree that your wedding looks like a fairy tale. What time and thought you put into creating such a beautiful day. Blessings to you and your beloved!

Maria said...

Lovely! So many nice little details, no wonder you were overwhelmed in planning them all, but looks like they all came together beautifully.

Dessi said...

Love it all...beautiful, all wrapped in incense and prayer!!! Where did you get the rings?

elizabeth said...

thank you everyone! Dessi - a monastery in the States

Donna Witek said...

Elizabeth it looks like it was a BEAUTIFUL day! The gown and veil are gorgeous, and I adore your red accents throughout (including on your person) :) White and Red = Pascha colors :) Many blessings!!!!!