Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yesterday ~ One Month

Last Thursday I made crepes for the first time.
My husband and I had Breton crepes in
Quebec City
Later we were graciously gifted a
crepe pan, recipe book and mix
after the giver heard of how much
we loved the crepes
on our honeymoon.
Above is my first successful crepe!

It took two goes to get the batter to fill all
of the pan at once;
I realized that I needed more batter than
the instructions were telling me.

It took a while longer to learn to make
and fold them while cooking...
This is my savory crepe with
mozzarella and egg.
It was good and quite filling.

We also had the dessert crepes
that we had in Quebec City:
crepes with French Vanilla Ice Cream
and Strawberries.
We loved these so much that we went back
to the same crepe place the last day of our honeymoon!
Hard to believe how much has been done since we got home
and that yesterday was our
one month anniversary...
I have recipes for similar things from my
Ottawa-Ukrainian mother that
I hope to make soon as well.
It's a great pan,
a French blue steel crepe pan
and is a very unexpected blessing and gift!
One I hope to make use of for years to come.

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E Helena E said...

Yum! And happy one month anniversary to you both!