Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunny Wednesday in Mid-October

Finally I am getting the library part
of our bedroom
in order.
So good to see more of my icons again...

Some of my special Ortho-books
and beautiful box for candles,
a thoughtful wedding gift from
one of my cousins.

Cross found in an antique and
collectibles store
on our honeymoon.

St. Irene of Chrysovalantou
my chrismation patron Saint
(though not my name's Saint)...
This icon is from my church
and is very special to me...

Mother Alexandra
behind her are my Romanian Orthodox books...

Icon of Christ from Romania
Pochav Icon of the Mother of God
from an Ottawa icongrapher.
It is good to see my familiar icons;
I still have many to put up in my icon corner...

Lunch made for my DH and myself.

Yummy tomatoes from the farmers market;
Organic Carrots.
I have really been missing Ottawa today;
it is so strange to not be going back soon and seeing my
church family and friends.
I am very happy to be married;
weeks ago I woke from a brief nap
and did not know where I was
but I felt deeply at home
here in my new home
with my husband.
I love my new home and
my old apartment and it's dinginess,
smallness and rat-like maze and stress
is not missed;
but I miss walking to my church
seeing my friends
having tea and visiting my
sister-friend and my godson and his brothers.
I am thankful for a wonderful place to live
and that I am slowly making it a
cozy home where
peace and love can be
and prayer can be slowly uttered
even when prayer is a struggle.
Where icons can be lit, shining out hope
for us
who may feel lost at sea.
For this I am deeply thankful.


Martha said...

I ♥ reading all these recent posts, as you settle into your new home and make meals with your husband. I remember doing the same thing! It brings back many memories for me. In that first picture you shared, looks like you have a beeswax votive candle. Where did you get it? You have SO many wonderful books!!!

elizabeth said...

Hi Martha ~ thanks! The candle is from the Greek monastery via a friend a few years ago; you can get them a few other places as well... if you want PM and I will send you the other places I know of... :)