Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Rainy Tuesday, Cloudy Wednesday

Still waiting to hear how the surgery went...
I love this little icon in my kitchen;
I love that I am surrounded by remembrances of
my Ottawa church family...

My White Board!
It's magnetic (and our posh steel fridge is not :( )
My most loved fridge magnets, prayers and pictures
are happily in place.
I love the grocery lists and other area below it,
in the cork-board section too.

We are keeping many candles and lampadas lit...

I made a second pizza the other day;
cheated by using a pre-made crust...
Added lots of mozzarella,
mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, Kale and
pepperoni on my DH half...
I think it turned out even better than the first!

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