Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday in my new life

My Ortho-husband and I had a special lunch
at home due to the kindness of
some of our (my new) friends
who gave us some lovely lunch treats.
This is my type of casual table;
Lovely table cloth, water jug, books in a pile,
tea ready to drink;
I could not resist lighting the candles. :)
I am really enjoying the flowers as well...

I love my cute new sugar and creamer.
I love reds in my kitchen
and love washing up the little milk jug...

I love figs and dates
and enjoyed trying this new jam.

Blueberry Fayre (white Stilton)
Mango & Ginger (white Stilton)
New red tray
(FYI ~ all of the more pottery looking dishes are fiesta ware)
and silver-plated knives from the rummage sale.
Cheese knife (with white handle)
I had been given years ago from my Mother
who got it in Holland.
It's funny,
other than the salad bowl,
cheese knife from Holland and my green tea pot
and the trivet under this,
and the little white ramekin,
all the things are new bridal shower and wedding gifts.
Fitting in many ways as I feel I have a very
new and different life,
with thankfully the same liturgical year...
I commented to my newly wedded husband
that these fancy cheeses would
be fun for Pascha...

I happened to see Cleo looking at the
changing pictures on my computer!

Thought a picture near by to where I live
would be in order.
This is a beautiful Catholic church
near by to our place
that I can see on my way to the nearest
grocery store.
A very big deal in this little box:
the flash drive with our wedding pictures came.
In time,
I will share some.
Things are very busy in my new home...
Seeing all the pictures of this Sunday at my home parish
in Ottawa has brought a lot of joy
and also some tastes and realization of
It is hard to not be able to go back to visit now.
I hope to visit for Theophany...
I continue to seek to be thankful however
for all the many blessings I have been given
in my new life...

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GretchenJoanna said...

Chocolate, tea, books, cheese, on a pretty tablecloth -- what a setting for a cozy and comforting newly-married afternoon. It's wonderful to "see" you making your home.