Friday, October 12, 2012

Cleo, Tea and Dinner

Cleo sits on this chair a lot.
The same pillow and blanket
both done by my Oma
are on it
as used to be on my beloved
gold chair that was my fathers
that was simply too worn to move again.
Cleo spent many an hour on it
just as she now spends a lot of time on this one.
It's great.
During a normal week my computer is at the
dining room table
just like at my old place with my icons and buffet near by
and Cleo sits on the chair behind me.

Making Tea on a Thursday.
Such a treat.

We were given this beautiful orchid as
a house warming gift.
I am really enjoying having plants around again.

Decaf black tea with a little bit of milk and sugar.
I swore off caffeine in my teens
and other than for chocolate
have never gone back...
Yesterday had a lot of blessings for me.
Since seeing the wedding pictures,
I felt really homesick for my home Ottawa parish
and friends...
and happily one friend chatted me
my sister-friend called me
I talked with my Mom
and called another friend while making dinner
and my DH was coming home.
So then the day at home alone
was a blessing...
I am still in a fairly intense period of adjustment
to moving and marrying
my love.

We had left overs for dinner yesterday!
I managed to declutter our table
(they always seem to get extra things on them
so quickly!)
and I also had dinner ready by the time my
husband of 1 month 3 days
got home from work,
which is not easy for me to always organize.
So that was great.
We had leftover beef flank
that I broiled
(second time I have ever made this,
and I use our toaster oven to do so);
my DH had salad
while I had left over cooked vegetables and stuffing;
mashed potatoes and
cranberry sauce.
A very enjoyable meal!
I am loving our flowers on our table as well!
You can just see the left-over apple pie
that we had with some
French Vanilla Ice Cream
for dessert.


Matushka Anna said...

You always have such a lovely table. (:

Michelle M. said...

I was going to say the same thing as Mat. Anna! It looks ideal! I also love having flowers on my table and around my home. I also grab some manager's special flowers at the grocery store.

Victoria said...

looks like you've created a beautiful home for the two of you.
much happiness and blessings on you both!

Martha said...

I just took a picture of my sister's cat, Cleopatra, sitting in a chair much like yours! ♥

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have so enjoyed catching up with your recent blog posts and revelling in the photos!

You have a created a lovely home for you, Ortho-Husband and Cleo.

My prayers that the poison-rash is subsiding and your husband is in less discomfort.......