Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Proper - Dinner Party II

Lids on bowls is my new delight in
keeping things warm.
So many new and lovely things for my table.
Such as...
Two glass little standing bowls of cranberry sauce
that I got in July from IKEA as part of the gift
from my church.
The table cloth is also part of that gift
and what a gift it is;
it was wonderful to use it for the first time on
Thanksgiving Day.
The napkins my Mom found for me
at a thrift store;
they are a beautiful damask.
Napkin rings part of a gift from one of my Aunts
at my family bridal shower
in Michigan.

Silverware ~ a new rummage sale find;
my DH and I went to a large sale on Friday
and we found two incomplete sets of plated silver
silverware for less than the cost of a
an additional set new.
I am so delighted with it and how it glows.
It was a delight to eat the meal with that fork;
made me think of who had it before
and the many meals...

My DH ran out on his way home to get
more salad and apple cider...
it was such a delightful evening...

The apple and cherry pies.
Slowly and delightfully being eaten.
And you saw correctly:
my wonderful wedding gift from many people
combined is the red stand mixer.
It just came today...
I've been wishing for one for over ten years,
since my undergrad days when I went to a Bible study
at a professor's house and hung out in the kitchen
while biscuits for soup were made
from such a beautiful machine.
Never thought I would have one.
I am hoping to use this for many years to come
and make many pies, cakes, cookies and
various breads...

Je suis canadienne.
I got this little tray from IKEA in Ottawa
on that same July trip
and planned on using it for Canadian Thanksgiving
and Thank God this little detail too came to pass!

Beautiful bowl with mashed potatoes a recent
housewarming gift.
It fits my table perfectly,
with the white with blue accents!

I am really loving this table cloth.
My dear friend who is now in great grief
found it for me with another special Ottawa
church friend.
It is stunning.
Please I ask again prayers for my beloved
Romanian friend and sister-in-Christ.
Flowers a gift from our dinner party guests.
It was lovely dinner.
Similar menu to my first dinner party on Sunday night
but roasted vegetables
instead of cooked beans and carrots.
I added a bit too much oil this time around
so need to remember that for next time...
My close friend and I talked about
reheating food for dinner parties;
all went well but next time I am going to
remember to turn the heat up on the chicken
a bit sooner than I did;
it was okay but could of been a bit hotter.
My meat thermometer that I finally got to use
failed completely to work!
But all in all it was a great meal.
And the pies with vanilla ice cream
and black tea to drink
a wonderful way
to end the evening.
Two great evenings of fellowship, conversation,
laughter and sharing.
I got some emails and FB messages from my Ottawa
and Canadian friends and family
that made my first (Canadian) Thanksgiving in the States
in many years a special day.


Donna Witek said...

What a blessing to put all of these beautiful serving items to such good use!

Michelle M. said...

Another beautiful table setting! I think you have a gift. Happy Thanksgiving!

RW said...

you table looks lovely.