Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

It has been a very full weekend
thus far for my DH and I.
We went to a huge rummage sale on Friday
and found books, silverware and other things
for our home.
Today we have liturgy
and tonight are making a Thanksgiving meal
for Canadian Thanksgiving.
Chicken though, not Turkey
as it is hard to find Turkey in the States at this time of year.
I made my first pies.
Used store bought crusts but I do want to
learn to make pies from scratch.
I find baking really relaxing.
I am receiving some unexpected wedding gifts
in a week or so and my DH
valiantly went with me to a house-related store
and we got some new baking supplies for baking.
I now have a large measuring cup,
a large bowl for mixing
and other supplies.
I am determined to use them often and
practice hospitality...
Learning to do hospitality has been a great blessing for me.
Thinking of my dear friend who so newly
lost her father and that I cannot be with her in person.
Thanksgiving weekend with sorrow is often what
seems to be most real in this side of things.
May God have mercy and protect us
sorrowful and joyful alike...


Anna said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Do you know, I have never celebrated it here. I suppose the English tradition of Harvest Home (which I think is more or less the origin of Canadian Thanksgiving) takes its place. So glad to read about your nest-building activities - thank you for showing us glimpses of your new home and numerous icon corners! Looks so homey already. May we see a little more of your dress? Your wedding arrangements sounded so thoughtful :)

Matushka Anna said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I never thought about not being able to find turkeys this time of year, lol. (c; I'm sure the chicken was great. Sometime you'll have to try making pie crust. It's not nearly as hard as you're worrying it will be. (:

Emily H. said...

Homemade pie crust is the best! I'm sure you'll do a good job - pie dough is usually pretty forgiving.

I was surprised to see a few turkeys in the stores already but I don't think the prices are very cheap.

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

elizabeth said...

Anna ~ thanks! Email me and I will send you some pictures :) ~ I don't put pictures of people on my blog ~ I will have a picture of the dress itself in about a month's time...


Thanks everyone for your good wishes!