Sunday, October 28, 2012

Home and waiting for the Hurricane

Oh the drama.
I took this picture a few weeks ago
when at lunch with my husband.
We live in a commuter town to NYC
as do millions of others.
I was feeling a bit fearful about the hurricane
and after we saw the
state of emergency
sign on the highway
my husband saw my concern mounting
and we went to a more local church
for liturgy this morning.
The priest at the local priest
said a prayer after liturgy
for the storm and
then asked for some strong men
to help with sandbags.
Some people were getting sand bags to put by doors
to try to deter flooding.
We are on the second floor and should be fine.
There was no flooding and power was
out for only a few hours.
We have everything prepared that we can have prepared.
1.5 working flashlights
(stores were sold out of D batteries)
tons of juice and food
and are watching the hourly news reports.
I have a feeling I am coming down with a cold.
Overtired, sore throat...
Asking your prayers.


Matushka Anna said...

Prayers for your safety and health! Stay safe!

mamajuliana said...

Stay safe...

Dasha D. said...

Stay safe!