Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday ~ Rainy Day ~ Lots to do

A nice dinner my beloved and I had
upon coming back from
the monastery.
Today I went on a shopping trip with
one of my new friends
and went to a grocery store in town
that I had not been to yet.
It is a lot nicer than the one
that is a bit closer to us.
And they do delivery,
just like my grocery store in
Ottawa did.
Slowly I am getting to know more
about where I live
and what it is like...
My husband and I talk about my blog sometimes
and we thought it would be fun to
have these blog names,
so simple really:
Mr. Husband and Mrs. Wife.
:) So it may be...
Mr. Husband and I have a weekly
date at the Farmers Market
and today I am getting new glasses;
the old prescription was incorrect...
at the Farmers Market we get
local produce,
including apples...
I am thinking of making
the blueberry muffins
by my long time blog friend Mat. Emily
had posted in the past...that
another friend and sister of Mat. Emily
referred me too...
Am also thinking of biscuits these days;
saw these vegan ones
and these ones take sour cream...
I bought some frozen organic blueberries
at the store and am going to make
I hope at one point
blueberry coffee cake that
my Mom would make
I think my Grandmother's recipe...
My new friend told me she uses flax seed and water
in place of egg for baked goods
in the fast periods...
so lots to try out in the future, DV.
It is very good to be here
but as I told Mr. Husband,
I find it tiring in terms of taking in a lot of
new information daily about my
new environment.
I realized I forgot to get eggs at the store.
A women's work is never done,
it seems.
I am thankful
and look forward to baking again this week...


Donna Witek said...

Love the blog names, Mrs. Wife ;)

M. Emily said...

You will love the blueberry muffins! I was going to suggest them on your last post, but my sister beat me to it!