Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feast Day - Sunshine - Icon of the Virgin of Tenderness

I mentioned earlier that I am re-reading a book
on St. Seraphim of Sarov;
I read this footnote about the icon of the Mother of God
that St. Seraphim loved
and it made me wonder:
"The Virgin Mary is represented at the moment of
uttering her Fiat; with lowered eyes she is
very humbly listening to the archangel's words.
We know that Father Seraphim was never
separated from this icon and that he died
kneeling in prayer before it*."
We had liturgy today for
the Entrance of the Lord into the Temple
and afterwards I asked my spiritual father
about this icon
(I had just made and framed another one)
and he said that this icon is either
the exact one that St. Seraphim had or
"a close cousin."
I was overjoyed to hear this!
How special**!
I have a copy that I can see from where I am typing this,
such a gift!
Here's another quote from the book:
"...the icon of the Virgin of Tenderness...the Staretz named
this icon 'Joy of all joys' and he loved to call himself
her 'servant'.
He used to sing the Easter hymns before her:
'Rise, shine, O new Jerusalem,
for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you...' ***
This week,
Eat Anything Week
is a really special week.
I know at one monastery the nuns,
this week,
get to rest in their rooms and be quiet;
a refreshment before the start of Lent.
I am seeking to keep this in mind
as I go through this week;
I find reading again of the life of St. Seraphim
to be really refreshing.
And I am letting myself have a few
chocolate chip cookies
(homemade with butter)
and am soon to prepare a beef roast for the slow cooker.
May St. Seraphim and the Mother of God's prayers
protect us as we go towards another
Lenten Journey...
*page 24 footnote 1
**Thanks again to Jodie Anna who has this icon on her blog
and is where I first saw it
***page 49, in the paragraph under the heading
"The Dower of the Queen of Heaven"


Tamie said...

You are sounding light in spirit these days and I am very glad. (This is Tamie.)

elizabeth said...

thanks Tamie! yep, I know it's you! The sunshine helps... I can't say everything is fully easy but after the last few months things are for now not as hard, just tiring... :)

amy said...

Thanks so much for sharing about this book on St. Seraphim, Elizabeth. I now want to add it to my reading list.

Is this the same icon that is sometimes called, "The Virgin of Extreme Humility"? It looks very similar.

elizabeth said...

Hi Amy, you're welcome! You know, I did not know of an icon of the Theotokos with this name - I know that the Icon of the Extreme Humility is the one of Christ (if you want to see a picture of this one let me know I can put it on my blog as I have this icon). If I find out about a Theotokos icon with this name, I will let you know!

The St. Seraphim book is a lovely one!

Sarah in Indiana said...

This is a beautiful icon.

Beth said...

That is an absolutely beautiful icon of the Theotokos and one I have never seen. Thank you for sharing it with us! A peaceful and blessed week. Enjoy those cookies; I have been eating much ice cream.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to look for that book. Thank you for telling us more about the icon...that is wonderful.


Molly Sabourin said...

Yes,Elizabeth, that is a very beautiful icon! Rest, rest - what a perfect way to prepare for Great Lent. I will try (the best I can) to do likewise. Peace to you!