Sunday, February 27, 2011

Butter week begins!

Praying for the Mother of God's protection.


I got to eat chicken soup before sunset with

a good friend!!


I want an ice cream cone.

I know, snow is still on the ground but really,

a good french vanilla ice cream cone

sounds really good.


Pascha parties were already discussed as we ate our

almost last bits of meat.

Too funny.


One of the wonderful things about fasting for lent

is that we don't fast alone,

we can commiserate together :)


Really though, it is wonderful that we don't fast alone.


I had a great evening with a friend and feel unexpectedly



Tomorrow I have to work on job stuff.


My table is relatively clean and my dishes are done.

Can't tell you how great this feels.

Laundry and floor sweeping to do...

but the dishes,

for one brief moment,

are done.


Blessed butter week!


GretchenJoanna said...

I never thought of it as Butter Week before, but that is quite delightful, and I will remember to enjoy it. :-)

Sarah in Indiana said...

It is wonderful that we get to fast together. I love spending lots of extra time with my church family during Lent, we share a lot of meals.

elizabeth said...

GJ - butter week is what it is called in Slavic countries... we have lots of native speakers and I learned it in this context :) Happy butter week! :)

Sarah - yes. this is one of the things I treasure about lent - the added time together...

Athanasia said...

French vanilla ice cream is called for ALL year round! :-)