Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another Interview Over

Thank you all SO MUCH
for your prayers
and encouragement in the comments.
Your support and friendship
via the Internet
is very real and comforting to me.
Thank you.
The interview went fairly well;
the hardest part was that I have not been sleeping well
and towards the end it was hard to keep my
'interview stamina' going.
I've still been having regular insomnia,
in part from the meds I am still taking for the
rash that reoccurred (is gone now again
but I have to stay on the meds for a bit longer).
Tomorrow I start my new short term part time contract.
I don't know what to expect exactly
and would appreciate prayers that
tomorrow will go really well.
I am to know by the end of next week
about the job I interviewed for today.
I am using my librarian skills to try to help my
friend Mara who needs all the support and
medical resources she can get.
Please keep her in prayer.
That we can pray for each other
and that we have hope in God
and the Mother of God's protection
is a great comfort.
We are all in great and grave battles but God is with us
and Christ has defeated death by death.
We must take courage and say
God Is With Us.


Michelle M. said...

I am so happy that your interview went well. And I'll be praying for you as you await the news.

I pray all goes well tomorrow!

E Helena E said...

Safe snow travels tomorrow and a peaceful night's rest!

Molly Sabourin said...

I hope your day is going well, ELizabeth! Insomnia is the worst!! I will pray right this minute for you.