Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tuesday - many details to be done

Earlier snow.

Ottawa gets a fair bit of snow each winter

and as is typical for some nights,

the plows and huge trucks that the snow is piled into

and brought outside the city

were in my area...

at 1.30 AM.


Really bad insomnia.

I am hoping that sleep will be better tonight -

I begin my Wednesday-Friday work week


Today there was sun and it was cold again;

I love these days.


I ordered some Akathists and other prayers today,

including a newly reprinted

canon to St. Katherine,

which was a real find!

(you can order it here, fyi).

I hope to get them right before Lent;

I am especially excited for this as some of the Akathists

come with the Saint's story.


Sometimes I fear that my writing about Akathists will look

like I am really good at prayer or something.

Not that I don't use them (though I have more than I have prayed,

since I have been actively collecting them)

but I am also

merely being myself,

a Orthodox Christian librarian.

I want to have these Akathists at hand, ready for use as needed or

for another person. This is what a librarian does.

I am grateful for Akathists;

there is something really special about them and

they teach us a lot about the life of the Saint

or the Mother of God

and this means that they always

teach us about Christ and the character of the Holy Trinity.

God is good and the lover of mankind.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day.
Work again and a French class at night.
I still feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop;
will I get one of the jobs I interviewed for?
will the contract I have now lead to more work?
Meanwhile, lent is coming soon.
So much to be done.
I am glad for Lent's coming but I am weak enough
to remember the hard Lents before.
I am hoping to read through the
at some point.
I feel it is needed.
God is with us and the Mother of God
the Angels and all the Saints.
We must look to them for help
and not fear.
God is with us.


Athanasia said...

"I want to have these Akathists at hand, ready for use as needed or for another person. This is what a librarian does."

I just want to say that I love librarians and believe you should all be made saints for the help you give to others who are searching for just the right bit of information. You know so much and I am so envious!

humanics said...

Yes. So much to prepare for. I think it's kind of funny that this 'pre-Lenten' period is kind of like a preparation to prepare. I hope everything comes together for you.

Anonymous said...

I am truly looking forward to Great Lent this year, esp. with the events of last year behind me.

BTW, I figured out what was wrong with my blog. It had no focus. I was sort of all over the place, and that didn't feel right.

Now I have focus. My new blog is at http://handmaidjoanna.wordpress.com

Thank you for all the help you have given me, just by being there. You are a dear friend.


DebD said...

thank you so much for sharing this Akathist. I need to pray one today for a friend and I didn't have one I felt was appropriate for the need. The one you've linked to is the perfect.

elizabeth said...

Thank God! and Elder Cleopa, who through the book on him, Shepherds of Souls, I learned of this Akathist!