Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday - Snow, Cloud and French

Thought a picture of Cleo would be good
for today.
My contract is only part time so today I was able
to accomplish a lot of errands
and I went to my second French class.
Am enjoying meat while it is not yet Lent!
Made a simple spaghetti tonight.
Emotionally I am relieved about declining the
far-away interview but it is a strange thing
to say no to a potential;
but I think that is part of life as well;
we can't have it all, really; we choose one thing
and not another; this is life.
Waiting and praying about the job I should hear about
by the end of the week.
Thinking about my current job and how I can do my best at it.
Need to review my French that I learned this past year
for the course I am taking.
Struggling with anxiety a bit but seeking to fight it with
lighting of candles and remembering God.
God is with us and will not abandon us.


margaret said...

A picture of Cleo is good for every day :)

Anonymous said...

Cleo is beautiful. :)

(I finally made the choice and dropped my blog. But I sent a friend request to you at FB.)

Babushka (now just Handmaid) Jo

Michelle M. said...

I hope you will find peace in your decisions.

Thanks for your prayers for our little guy!