Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday - clouds and sunset - news and no-news

Cloudy today
but now I see the sky up top (I live on the 8th floor)
with the sun setting
seen with pale blue sky.
Job Search news:
I did not get the job I interviewed for and did not want as much
so not much lost there,
considering I have my part-time contract.
The job I interviewed for and did like very much
called and said that they have not decided yet
and will contact me again.
So the limbo continues.
Prayers requested for this!
And a thought I've been pondering for a while...
I've been realizing, through my own weakness, sadly,
that when Christ says that His yoke is easy and His burden light
that it is actually true.
As in if we obey Christ and are in submission to God's will
we will gain inward peace,
the yoke thus easy and the burden light.
An example:
what is the opposite of worry? peace.
How to defeat worry - largely through thankfulness.
What are Christ's commands?
Two of them are
do not worry
and in everything give thanks.
Another example:
Christ says do not judge others and you will not be judged.
Through my own foolishness I've learned that
to sin will mean that we will not be at peace.
If we judge another whatever peace we did have
will be lost.
So Christ's call is actually so loving and life-giving
that it is truly easy and light.
But due to our woundedness and sin the effort we need to put forth
to stop these passions
(exampled here worry and judging others)
is very hard and so we mistakenly think that
Christ's burden is not easy and the yoke heavy.
Incredible really.
But the trick of it now is to learn to desire to
obey Christ.
Which is why I need lent.
I've been reading over the Akathist to the Protection of the Mother of God
and trying to pay close attention to the other prayers
that we say to her in asking her intercessions to
Her Son
and am realizing that the Mother of God can help us
with these struggles;
with our wrong thoughts.
In other words, there is a lot of HOPE to be found
as we seek to gain Christ's peace within us
by obeying His commands.
I am clinging to this as we go through
this fast free
eat anything week.
This week is to refresh and strengthen us for what is to come.
On a more trivial note,
this means I am eating the chocolate chip cookies
that have been well-preserved in my freezer!
God is with us
and the Mother of God
all the Angels and Saints.

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