Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beginning week three / first week of three

This begins week three since I began work.
And it is the beginning of the three weeks
(4 Sundays total)
before Lent.
I am thankful for my job.
I've realized that the hardest thing about it is that
I feel like I always have to prove myself
as if I am on a prolonged interview
and need to constantly show them that I am
worth keeping / extending my contract.
But this is how it is and I am thankful for the work.
I've been re-reading my book on
and am really enjoying it.
Do you have a Saint's book that you love?
Would be more than happy to hear...

1 comment:

Sarah in Indiana said...

Wow, I find the snow removal really interesting, too. Very different from how it happens here.

Prayers for you--God is good and will provide, even if not in the way we hope or expect. So glad you're enjoying the contract job.