Friday, February 11, 2011

And now for the weekend...

Accomplished my work goals for today.
I get to spend my days searching for things
and then write about the findings.
How COOL is that?!!!
Well, I rather like it!
Whew. Big day today. Helped with a project
with a looming deadline;
worked over an hour more than 7.5 hours.
Was amply thanked and told I did excellent work.
Grocery shopped after work.
Did not hear from the job I interviewed for almost two weeks ago;
was to hear today.
I will hear when I am supposed to.
No idea if I will be working past end of March.
Am trying to do my best at my new
work - if only for a good reference,
of course I hope for more work there...
I am really tired and can't imagine working 5 days like
the one I had today.
I am aware of so much to be thankful for
and so many people to pray for.
Lent is soon.
I ordered a book last night
Would love to hear of other's plans for lent.
Once I get the book I will blog about it.
Knowing the book and also the Akathists
are coming
cheered me considerably as I worked today...
Glory to God.


Sarah in Indiana said...

I think it sounds very COOL! :) Such a blessing to be doing work you find satisfying! And building resume, and getting paid, even if it's temporary.

I've been trying to decide what I want to read for Lent. For adult study at church, we've been doing the Lenten studies from The Fellowship of St. John the Divine for the past several years, which have been focused on the lives of the Saints. That's been wonderful. I think I'll choose a C.S. Lewis that I haven't read yet, too. And I'll have to pull out our books and see what looks good. Also, I've never read any of L'Engle's non-fiction, and you've mentioned those here, so perhaps I'll try one of those as well. So many books to choose from...

GretchenJoanna said...

You both are reminding me that The Screwtape Letters are always good for during Lent -- not that I have read that book recently, but people are always saying... :-) And I did want to re-read some books this year.

Maybe Schmemann's The Eucharist, too.

DebD said...

I'm still trying to decide what to read during Lent, but I think I definitely want to re-read "Courage to Pray". It's a little book, but quite full of helpful words. Other than that I'm not sure.

RW said...

glad to hear the week went well - try not to worry about hearing about the interviews.... just enjoy where you find yourself at this moment.

good question about Lent... I think the Screwtape letters might be a good idea for me.

I am also looking for an old Thomas Merton book - that I want to reread.

Matushka Anna said...

It's nice to be busy, isn't it? It keeps you from fretting over things that aren't helped by fretting.

I haven't given any thought to what I'll be reading this Lent (shame on me). I'm usually reading so much anyway that it doesn't occur to me to map out a reading plan. Although, to be honest, it's not like I am reading anything very enlightening! Screwtape is good. I may just try to pull out some of the saints' lives that I haven't read in a while. Blessed Sufferer is a good one. Also, one of the lives of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr and maybe St. Nicholas Planas (whose feast is coming up). Hmm...

elizabeth said...

Sarah - yes, very cool about my job. Tiring but good. L'Engle's nonfiction is very enjoyable and I have read a lot of it. I would however take it with a grain or more of salt as she was not Orthodox and not all of her ideas should be taken up. That said, she is lovely and her writings blessed me in my journey as I was slowly going towards the Orthodox church! :)

GJ - nice! I have not yet read Fr. S. book on the Eucharist...

Deb - Courage to Pray is the book that pretty much converted me on the spot; a very special book...

RW - I am trying to do just that. Screwtape letters seems to be a popular choice... I could read that one too...

Mat Anna - Nice...I love the Saints books... I need to get more on St. Elizabeth sometime...

Jane G Meyer said...

Lent--wow, I have a stack of books I need to go through. It will be interesting to see what book surfaces as the one to last all 40 days... Conciliar has a new--Book of Hours which I'll for sure go through. I'll be reviewing that one. And I'm going to read through a children's Bible with the munchkin. I've also peeked into the Trial of Job, by Father Patrick...
Oh, and I'd like to finish Bread and Water, Wine and Oil. I'm already loving that book...
So many books!!! Aren't we fortunate to have so many encouraging words to choose from?!!!

chicory cottage said...

just ordered a cookbook called "and when you fast..." for lenten recipes. will probably re-read fr hopkos' "lenten spring", it's one that i read each year.