Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunlight and Hard Work

Today was a cold sunlit day;
my favourite.
Yesterday I had a French class at night;
was home all of 15-20 minutes
before leaving again.
I find each afternoon at work
I get a bit sleepy.
My solution:
walk outside without a coat on
for about 3 or so minutes
(right now it is -9 C which is a balmy 15 F).
Work is going well;
I am trying everyday to do my absolute best
I can do that day.
I am thankful;
and tired;
but thankful.


Writers of Kosciusko County Jail said...

Catching up on your blog after a few weeks away. You have a job!!! !!!!! Wow, Elizabeth! What a blessing. I'd love to hear more about it, perhaps on the phone sometime.

I want you to know that your courage and perseverance is an inspiration to me. And I love the photos you've been taking and putting up on your blog. You are truly an amazing person, Elizabeth.

Writers of Kosciusko County Jail said...

(This is Tamie, btw.)

margaret said...

I need to stop complaining about the cold here!

Michelle M. said...

You have such a positive attitude. You are an inspiration.