Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday - brilliant sun and white snowy ground

Thank God day two of my contract was better,

much better.

And today was a most beautiful sunlit snow-the-ground-day.


I am really tired.

Still overwhelmed in ways.


Realized that emotionally this week has been really overwhelming;

my friend Mara having a huge struggle

last weekend

that was

emotionally hard for me to deal with,

for when one you love suffers you suffer alongside;

an interview Tuesday for an Ottawa job that I would LOVE;

Wednesday a huge crazy first day of work that

I am still recovering from.

Thank God that His mercy is sufficient

and that tomorrow is Friday.

I can tell right now that a few things will be vital

for me to continue surviving my new job

and my life.

First: prayer time in the morning

Second: off the computer by 9 pm or soon after

Third: sleep

Four: eat well, continue to avoid sugar

(sugar and caffinee incrases my sense of stress

and decreases my abilty to cope, but OH have I been

wanting to eat some chocolate!)

and stay well hydrated - drink lots of water and decaf tea.

Five: seek to remember God throughout the day

and His Holy Mother.

Please keep praying for Noah,
for my friend Mara,
who is doing better but needs prayer
and for me that I will know how to be a friend
and that my third day at work can go well.
Thanking God for each of you and your prayers!


Sarah in Indiana said...

Praying for you Elizabeth--Being back at work is a big adjustment! Take care of yourself.

Anna said...

Way to go Elizabeth! Your new strategy sounds like a good idea (though maybe a little celebratory dark chocolate at the weekend? ;) )And thank you for sharing the photos of your icons - a beautiful collection.

RW said...

I am sure each day will get easier as you find your place and get into a routine.

happy weekend. and you are employed. yeah.

mamajuliana said...

I am glad the day went better for you.

Is the first photo from your present apartment? I just love the prayer 'corner.'

Oh and some Cleo-cat-snuggle-therapy would help, too! (Leonidas wanted me to put his two cents in...)

Hope your day today is even better!