Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thurday towards the end of February

My picture I chose will not load today.

Ah well.

Hopefully tomorrow.


I have just a month left at work.

Still have to finish applying for the contract job

and now have another part-time job to apply for.

I have yet to hear from the job I interviewed at

for full time work, but that it has been almost a month

I don't think I got the job.

But I wish they would tell me,

I feel like I can't fully move on emotionally due to this.

I feel weary.


Please pray for my Dad - he paints (houses mainly) for a living and

winter is a slow time and

he does not have much work right now.

My parents could really use your prayers on this.


I am blessed with such great parents, I am very thankful.


Pray for Noah - he is back in the ER.


We have our first Soul Saturday at my church;

we do a short general Panakhyda service

and I just love being there for this.

It is these days of Lenten services

that I have been longing for

and are a big reason why I never wish to leave

the city I have come to love.


Yet I am seeking to still pray

Lord order my life as Thou wilt.


Sarah said...

I really hope your job situation stabilizes for you soon. I can't imagine the emotional roller-coaster it's been for you. Prayers for you, your family, and for Noah!

E Helena E said...

That kind of silence is hard to bear and you have experienced so very much of that.
Prayers for steadier employment continue for you and your Dad also.
May the Lord have mercy on little Noah.