Friday, October 18, 2019

(53) A song that sounds like Christmas & Other Ramblings

I love this song!!! 
I heard this today...
I am pretty sure it is on one of our Chanticleer CDs for Christmas.
I am already getting excited for Christmas!
Yes, early perhaps but I have a very full fall, 
as is usual for me, and have a bunch of dates of possible
dinner or lunch parties to host, lots to bake, decorate,
and people to invite... 
And Thanksgiving is LATE this year!
So I have a lot to get organized but I feel ready and am really excited for it.
We are in a much better space in our lives right now
than a year ago and for this I can only thank God and know that it
was a miracle that got us through our unbloggable struggles of the
3 years before this.  
(If you are newer to my blog, this miracle was a well-time one,
I think one thing that I am learning is how to better balance my time.
Not that I use it perfectly, that's not what I mean; 
I mean in the bigger things, the various projects I do -- 
such as working on my essays (I have at least 10 in various stages)), 
luncheons and dinner parties, St Nicholas and Christmas baking,
gift making, gift gathering and gift wrapping; keeping the house in order; 
blogging; knitting; sewing/quilting; in time I am going to try to join
a writing group (that is a big long term goal, will take some time as I need to 
have a clearer essay-writing path and can't work on that until after Christmas) --
something I have realized is that I can only work on one or two big projects 
at a time; and that my projects are seasonal and what to expect in terms of what I can get 
done in a season literally depends on the season... 

We had a severe wind warning this morning
and the wind was tearing through the trees early in the morning
and Mr Husband understandably worked from home today,
much to my delight! 
I realized that with the roast chicken, brussels sprouts and potatoes,
meals would be easy today for us! 

So I had time to use the label maker to do my make up brushes
and lampada oil (it's older oil that is good for burning in our candle holders
but not good for salads or cooking).

Our groceries were delivered... 

And thanks to Mary's comment, I was able to fix my 
little mini clutch purse that I use to carry my makeup in...
I wrote this earlier about fixing it:
I got this very cute little clasp handheld purse at a tricky tray raffle 
at my local church years ago now! 
I was very sad to see that the fabric in the back 
was coming out of the metal part at the top that held it in place.
 I asked for advice on how to fix it on my blog and got a great comment! 
Based on what she said I used one of my butter knives 
and put the fabric back in to the metal part; 
then I put some glue on the butter knife and 
tried my best to get some glue under the two open ends of the metal; 
then I used my jewelry needle nose pliers and clamped it shut! 
There were some marks on the metal because of using the pliers....
however is better to have it fully shut with in this way 
then not be able to use it at all! I am letting the glue dry 
before I put it back away for future use, b
ut I can already tell that the fabric is very secure 
and in the metal holder now and I'm so excited that I can continue to use it!

We enjoyed leftovers for lunch and dinner
plus a turtle bar for a snack (and I had it with hot chocolate,
the salted caramel that Trader Joe's sells)...
I realized today that, while I miss Cleo, 
I am in a good space right now.
I have a clear plan for the next 2+ months and feel that with God's help
I will be able to do a lot of it.
But I know also that things can change in an instant and I need,
as well all need, God's mercy; 
Christ's love; the Holy Spirit's comfort and guidance...
May we all look to Christ in our day of need and 
may Christ save us! 


Pom Pom said...

Hi Elizabeth! I love how cozy your home looks! I think you are doing just the right thing, anticipating Christmas and extending hospitality!
I love thinking about the Holy Season, too! God bless you!

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, I was thinking the same thing that your house looks so cozy and inviting. I do love Advent and Christmas but I am not quite ready to go there yet. The music is just beautiful and very uplifting. I think I could listen to it over and over.

Granny Marigold said...

I'm glad you were able to fix your clutch purse.
I'm looking forward to Christmas too! I love the getting ready part as much as Christmas itself.

Lisa said...

Good for you, fixing your purse! You have determination. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

I love the photos with the light streaming in the windows!