Tuesday, October 15, 2019

(51) A beautiful day for walking in NYC

I did a ton of walking today!! 
Google fit reports that I had 200 move minutes, 37 heart points, 
15,170 steps, 1,835 calories burned and 3.55 miles walked!

I walked using light rail, the PATH train and the subway.
I walked during the lunch hour, meandering here and there. 
I walked to the subway after being at the library for some hours,
with a break to walk and have lunch, 
to the 23rd subway station and from there walked to 
Trader Joes (food, chocolate, the best soaps...!) and to Michael's
(for more fun yarn for knitting washcloths!) and then 
back to the PATBH to NJ to meet my friend for dinner
and go to the church class together!

It was great being at the library.  
I did a lot of planning, note taking and email errands
(I am so behind on emails, again!)

This (Junior's) cheesecake is seriously the best.

Beautiful restaurant I saw...very costly menu!

My much cheaper meal, a surprisingly good burger!

Dinner! So delicious! chicken tortilla soup and kale salad! 

This is the inside of a lovely small 'clutch' like mini-purse,
the fabric is coming out of the metal part.
Does anyone know how to fix this? 
Please advise! 
I had a really good day.
It was a blessing to see my friend.
One of the biggest things I struggle with is
routine and, as times, loneliness, 
so being able to go to the library and NYC is a real blessing.
I really enjoy it. 
Well, I am understandably tired now;
I was gone 12 hours from home!
I did have a moment when I was walking to the PATH to go back 
to NJ that I suddenly had this surge of happiness to go home
and see Cleo again and of course remembered right after that
this was not possible, that Cleo was not at home waiting for me.
That's really sad, that's she not here. It's a pI am rocess.
I am really glad I had Cleo to love. 
Makeup news: I got it down to 15 minutes this morning. 
Between having my brushes in order of use and getting the hang of it,
it will take much less time than at the beginning! 
I am still pondering it all.
I am so grateful for God's mercy.
Church class was really good again tonight.
That's a real blessing.
I pray that each of you is given 
the strenght, the comfort, the courage, that you need
and that all of us will see Christ above all, 
and His comfort, His salvation.... 


Becki said...

Loved coming to NYC with you and taking in some thing you saw. That's a lot of steps - in the city you probably accumulate them without even realizing it. Yay for you!

Elizabethd said...

You certainly did some walking today!
That does look like a very nice restaurant...but expensive, I'm sure!

Granny Marigold said...

That was a very active day you had! But a good one.
Those cheesecakes look delicious. Must make one soon. First though I have to make a birthday cake for my youngest son who will be 42 tomorrow ( just about your age). He requested Black Forest cake. Since I use a cake mix it's a very easy make.

Lisa Richards said...

It was fun seeing what you did with your day. That fried egg made me want one for supper. What do you do with all of the washcloths you make? They're fun to make. A quick and useful project. :)

Mary said...

About the purse repair. Maybe give this a try. Use a very fine, flat edge of a cheap pair of tweezers-maybe even bend them wide apart-and carefully work the fabric back under that metal edge, using the flat edge of one side of the tweezers as a pusher. If that goes well, use a ? needle nose wire plyer, or regular, and gently squeeze the metal together there where the fabric came out. And, depending on the outside of the purse/fabric and the thickness, you might push in a little fabric glue before clamping the metal down with the pliers. Good luck! Hope this works. God bless.