Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The why of writing, of life, of what is sought after

I have been thinking about what I read, listen to and watch.
More and more I see that what I want to write,
what I want to offer the world, 
is beauty, words of encouragement, both of which are
ultimately only of worth if they point to Christ, 
to the Church and to the hope we have...
I find that I am more and more aware, 
in these last years, that everything I look at,
I am searching and I am especially searching for help.
I am constantly looking for icons, for spiritual help, for that peace
that I lose so easily, for that guidance that I have a hard time hearing.
Beyond this, or rather, in this, I am looking for that reason.
That age old question, why am I alive? 
What is my specific purpose? 
And I am finding that I want to offer words that are
beautiful, pictures that speak of warmth, of sharing life, of 
substance, of that something more.
We are all looking for it.  
I hear people saying and even commercials saying:
it changed my life.
I don't think most people know what change they are even looking for.
I guess that is one thing that I understand a bit more,
though putting it into practice is another question.
The change that everyone really needs is to have more of Christ in them
and to be united with Christ.
As an Orthodox Christian I do not hesitate to say that two of the most
integeral ways of this is through the sacraments that are like twins,
one before the other:  Holy Confession and Holy Communion.
After this, and in this, is prayer. 
I wanted to write this down as I hope to get back to my writing again,
and reading.  I wanted to remember why I want to write,
what I want to offer and what I see as the deepest 
points of the change that all of us want
but most of us don't even know 
that it is offered to us, 
or even that it really 
and many of us don't know if we want it,
if we are willing to change our lives so that
our lives can be changed.
May the mercy of God be with us and 
save us!!! 


Becki said...

Your thoughts reflect some of what I am working through, too, Elizabeth. I am currently reading the book, Radical, by David Platt (at the recommendation of my 22 year-old). He told me I'd be challenged. It's a small book, but one to be savored and read slowly (sometimes re-reading sections to fully understand what he's saying). I'm finding myself so convicted by the words, and I haven't even gotten to the "challenges" yet. May 2018 be a year of growth, understanding, and obedience. For many of us.

Unknown said...

Lovely words and very timely. Thanks for taking the time to write them. Peace.

Lisa Richards said...

These are my feelings as well. I feel like I'm searching for what the Lord wants me to be doing with the time I have left. I tend to spend too much time entertaining myself and procrastinating when it comes to spending quality time with Him. I only feel truly complete and at peace when I shut out the distractions and give Him my full attention. I want to learn to fill my time with Him so that his indwelling spills over into other people's lives. I want to put feet to what He teaches me, but that's the real challenge when you're introverted and you don't want to be "pushy". I want the Lord to open the doors AND push me through them! ;)

karen said...

I do the same, your writing is beautiful and I hope you find what you seek to write and reflect about :)

Lilly's Mom said...

These are such beautiful words you have shared with us today. And, very meaningful to start the New Year, as I hope to have a more structured prayer and church life. You are a blessing to so many of us, dear Elizabeth. Pat xx

Tracy said...

This is VERY beautiful, and very timely too, Elizabeth ans we sit on the doorstep od another new year. I'm feeling much the same way. And especially desiring more time in good reading and prayer. My spiritual life has been challenged recently, causing a bit of anxiety. Quiet time and prayer helps so much! The worldy world we live amongst offers a lot of "empty calories" in terms of things to read, view, watch, listen to, etc. In recent yesrs I've become very selective and cautious about such things the secular world offers as "entertainment." I hunger for spiritual growth more than entertainment. ;). Thank you for sharing this... and I so look forward to more of your writings and thoughts shared innthe new year! Wishing you a very blessed & happy new year! God bless you, my friend! ((HUGS))