Saturday, December 30, 2017

Almost New Year Eve

So... while I had my birthday,
we were also in Ohio with my Husband's family
for our Christmas gathering!  We rented some cabins + gym of 
a camp in Ohio and had a really nice time!  
We were there from Dec 26th to today!
And my beloved Husband was finally able to take me to the
Ohio Bookstore, where he used to go when he lived in Cincinnati and 
bought comic books at when he was a kid and young teen!
It was a wonderful time and I hope to do a blog post on this bookstore
later on this coming week, DV.
We are back home now and got in record time... the plane left early and got in early!
We were home by 2:30! 
So pictures above... last one is the books I found at the Ohio Bookstore 
(I found 3 at the Cincinnati library bookstore also in this stack) :) 
A friend gave us some NYC bakery Christmas cookies!
(I immediately froze them for later!)
The relics of St Tikhon are visiting our local church tonight 
and tomorrow, so that is a real blessing!
The top picture is what you first see when you go into
the Ohio Bookstore :) 
We went to the diner after vespers for dinner, it was good!
It is cold here and snow is on the ground!
I don't remember it being so cold in NJ for this long since
I have lived here! I like the cold but am praying for the
homeless and those who don't have a lot of resources to deal with the cold....
We have vacation through January 8th this year! 
(Our Christmas is January 7th) and I am so very glad!
We are doing a stay-cation for the rest of our time and are DV going to stay 
home, rest up, be cozy, read books, watch the Waltons, I have a baking
day that is needed and I am just so happy to be home with my
sweet Husband and to have this time.
I am really hoping that next year will not have so much sickness and 
that a new year will have really dawned for us.
May God have mercy on us!
And I thank and praise God for the many many mercies show to us already 
in this past year, getting us through so many hard times!
God bless and keep you all dear readers!
And thank you so much for your comments this week - I am 
truly blessed and touched by them!!! 


Mat Anna said...

I’m sitting up in bed wrapped in a shawl reading this, and the photos certainly made my morning feel brighter! (Still very sick and will be home from Liturgy.)

I dearly love used bookstores. I like nothing better than to go to one with my husband and split up, frequently meeting at intersections and showing each other our finds. So cozy.

Enjoy the cold! Even all the way down here it’s supposed to be in the 20’s for lows the next few days.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Used bookstores are a delight!
Wishing you a peaceful and blessed New Year xxx

Martha said...

Your trip to Ohio overlapped with our return Thursday evening by one day. I've never been to that store; we go to Half Price books often, but use the library the most! I'll have to go check it out!!

Lisa Richards said...

A beautiful stack of books! That Elizabeth Goudge one is a title I'm not familiar with. I love photos of bookstores!
God bless you and your family in the New Year!